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Winners Announcement of Loss and Damage Competition

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Nov 11, 2021

The Loss and Damage competition is held in the context of mainstreaming the issue of loss and damage to the younger generation and increasing their awareness to the climate change issue.

The National Competition of Loss and Damage has been held from June 01 to July 31, 2021. The competition consists of 5 (five) categories, namely Photography, Infographics, Video Oration, Jingle, and Business Idea. The total participants who took part in this competition reached 713 participants. Participants are students from high schools and university from various regions in Indonesia.
Winners are divided into two types, namely Winners of Best Work and Winners of Favorite Work.

The Best Winner
1. Photography : Ananda Rafi Amanula
2. Infographic : Then Renaldi Dwi P
3. Jingle : Naomi Megacita and team
4. Video Oration : M. Wahyu Saputra
5. Business Idea: Alya Ghina V and team

Access the Competition book :

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